24th Sep 2017: Prayerful Greetings from the World Apostolate of Fatima, an International Association of the faithful of Pontifical Right permanently approved by the Holy See!

Under Bishop Peter Machado, our Indian Ecclesiastical Advisor,  we are collaborating for the Fatima Centenary India Pilgrimage, at short notice with Santvana community, whose Patron is Archbishop Anil Couto, Archbishop of Delhi. This community is canonically erected in Delhi Archdiocese, member community of the Fraternity of ‘The Catholic Covenant Communities and fellowships’ in Rome under the Pontifical Council for Laity.

This Tour will cover all Indian states (not all Dioceses) in the month of October 2017, as per Itinerary below.

We will follow the local Bishop’s directives spending just few hours in each location.

The local Program suggested is of around 2 to 3 hours will focus on Holy Eucharist, preceded by Rosary, Reparatory Adoration and presentation on the Fatima Message beyond the Fatima Centenary for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Marylocal Consecration and Veneration.

The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima here is gifted by the Bishop of Fatima.

This will be under the leadership of Santvana community and WAF is responsible for the Fatima materials. They will travel by day, Program is in the evening and they will rest at night.

Yours sincerely in Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as we request for your prayers that this bears much fruit and also for the difficult pilgrimage.

Fr M V Sunny Raiganj                  

Dr Celcio Dias Goa                           
(Vice Chairman)  Contact: 09822981418                             

Mr. Anthony R V Viegas Goa

Experience the Grace and Blessing of Our Lady of Fatima, in this Great Jubilee Year of the Fatima Centenary! 

“In 1946, I crowned Our Lady of Fatima as Queen of the World and the following year, through the Pilgrim Virgin, She set forth..., and the favors She performs along the way are such that we can hardly believe what we are seeing with our eyes.” (Pope Pius XII)

Please pray, especially at next Mass, for the protection of the families of those travelling.

Please pray especially Mass offering by Priests for this tedious Pilgrimage.



ITINERARY:  Journey commencement with informal blessing of His beatitude Cardinal Cleemis, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India President.

Kerala State - Sacred Heart Church Thrissur: 30 Sep 2017 
The service began at 6.00pm with Fr. Neil CG carrying the statue solemnly to the altar prepared. Rosary was lead by Mr.George KP. Adoration was lead by Fr. Neil CG. The Message of Fatima was also delivered by Fr. Neil from 6.45pm to 7.00pm. 

At 7.00pm the Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Rocky Roby the Parish Priest of the Sacred Heart Church. Conclusion was the Veneration of the Statue. Almost 800 persons came for the service. One photo below

Karnataka State: 1) Mangalore – 1st Oct 2017 Fatima Retreat Centre
Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souza (prays 4 Rosaries daily) was the main celebrant of the Holy Mass which began at 6.00pm. 

Fr. Melvin Paul D. Souza gave the Fatima Message during the Homily while the Consecration prayer was done by Fr. Neil CG after the Communion service. Almost 1000 faithful gathered for the service. Fr Francis D'Souza, WAF National Ex Com member is on right. 2 photos below

Karnataka State: 2) Honnavar Karwar 2nd Oct 2017: 
Fr Alphy D'Silva (WAF National Treasurer) and 3 priests conducted Reparatory Adoration and Rosary today 1015 - 1115 am. Permission was granted by his Bishop. About 300 attended including 100 travelled 4 hours long distance by boat. 2 photos below

Goa State: 1) Our Lady of Hope Church, Chinchinim Salcete 2nd Oct 2017
The Statue was received at Dandewaddo,  Chinchinim and travelled on an open jeep at 4 pm by Fr J Antonio Costa the Parish Priest amongst the hundreds of faithful that thronged the pilgrimage route with candles Our Lady was welcomed with much joy and enthusiasm with music, fireworks and festivity!

The prayer service began with the Rosary and Adoration conducted by Fr Clifford and his team from Baida, Chinchinim. Most Rev. Bishop Alwyn Barreto from Sindhurdurg diocese concelebrated the Mass with Fr J Antonio Costa and seven other priests. Speaking on the Virgin Mary, Bishop Barreto asked the faithful to emulate the life of Mother Mary."Even though Mother Mary did not perform any miracle during her earthly life, She reached out to a family at the wedding in Cana through Her Son", said the Bishop explaining Mary's intercessory role. Earlier, Fr John Fernandes, OFM, Cap made a presentation on the Fatima Message on how we can enhance the promised Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Later a procession with the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was made around the Church with lit candles and recitation of the Rosary. The Veneration that followed and the customary kissing of the Statue in 4 lines-appealed to the goodness of the Mother of God in a public act to watch over Her children and to lead Her children to Christ. Around 8,000 attended including many of other faiths.

The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was then farewelled at 1015 pm. Most of us are not be able to go on a Pilgrimage to Portugal to see the Blessed Mother, so our Parish was privileged with this Visitation, chosen in the whole of Goa. Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao had given his permission earlier, was unable alongwith Vicar General to come due prior engagements. 5 photos below.

 Goa State: 2) Carmelite Monastery Margao 2nd Oct 2017
Prayer Service was held from 9 to 1030 pm, followed by Veneration, about 2,000 attended. 1 photo below

Maharashtra state, Bombay St John the Evangelist Church, Mariol Andheri E, 3rd Oct 2017

Around 7,000 attended under Fr Clement PP and Fr Glen D’Mello. The Church doors were locked around 12 midnight. Consecration of Maharashtra state done to the IHM by Bishop Domnic Savio. 

He preached well on the Rosary and First Saturdays devotion. Mrs Carmelina Vaz, WAF National Ex Com member coordinated. The Fatima Shrine at Karjat is under renovation, so could not be held there. This was a convenient location central in the Metro. 4 photos below

Gujarat State: Gandhinagar : 4 Oct 2017
500 to 800 attended. Abp Thomas Macwan was the main celebrant. Program was in Gujrati. Better crowd than expected. Abp did consecration of Gujarat to the IHM. 2 photos below

Madhya Pradesh State: 1) Godhra: 5th Oct Thu
Fr Sleevaiah  and 25 people were waiting at Godhra where they were staying for the night in order to reach Khandwa in time. They reached Godhra at 12.45am. There was a very short service there. Mr. Santhosh gave a short message on the Fatima message and then there was the veneration of the statue for 15 minutes. Early morning at 4.30 am they started the next leg of the journey.

Madhya Pradesh State: 2) Barwani, Khandwa
They reached Barwani at around 9.00 am. MOST REV. AROCKIA SEBASTIAN DURAIRAJ ALANGARAM SVD, Bishop of Khandwa  who was to be present there was not able to be there due to a emergency that came up the next day. The service was integrated with the jubilee celebrations of Fr Jimmy. 

6 priests con celebrated the Holy Eucharist with Fr. Jimmy. Around 300 people were present. It started with a procession. The Fatima Message and Eucharistic adoration was lead by Santhosh. The veneration of the statue also took place before the Mass. Fr. Jimmy consecrated the State of Madhya Pradesh to the Immaculate Heart. They started from Barwani at 1.00pm and set off for Jhabua. 3 photos below

Madhya Pradesh State 3) Jhabua, Jhabua Diocese  6 Pm.
Rev Fr. Peter Karadi, the Vicar General of Jhabua was the main celebrant. 5 priests concelebrated the Holy Eucharist. Nearly 200 to 300 people attended the service which was from 6.00pm to 8.30pm. Service started with the rosary. The Fatima Message and Eucharistic adoration was lead by Santhosh. The consecration prayer was lead by Fr. Peter Kharadi. At around 6.00 am they started for Ajmer

Rajasthan State, Ajmer 6th Oct 2016
Program was blessed. Almost 300 sisters and 15 priests were waiting for the Blessed Mother. There were at least 1500 faithful in the church. It seems there was a great anointing. Reparatory Adoration was lead by a Sister there. Santhosh gave the Fatima Message before the Eucharist. The Ajmer Bishop celebrated the Eucharist and also gave a Message on Fatima. The Consecration of the State was done by him. All through the night they are going to have a whole night vigil before the Statue reciting chain rosary. 2 photos below

Haryana State: Gurgaon 7th Oct 2017
Vehicle had a little repair to be done which was finished yesterday. 6.45 am they set out for Gurgaon and reached there at around 2.00pm. The service started at 5.00pm with Rosary. The Reparatory Adoration was lead by Fr. Neil. 

The Holy Eucharist was concelebrated by  Rev.Fr. Jass Elanjikal,  Episcopal vicar for the Haryana region, Rev. Fr. Denny the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr, Amal raj, the Assistant Parish Priest and Rev. Fr. Neil. Rev. Fr. Jass Elanjikal Consecrated Haryana to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Fatima message was given Santhosh. Homily was by Fr. Neil. Almost 400 to 500 people attended.

NEW DELHI State and Capital: Sacred Heart Cathedral 8th Oct 2017          
At 3.45 pm there was a solemn welcome with an Adivasi Dance Procession with the Statue being carried by Rev. Msgr. Joseph Chinnayyan, Deputy Secretary General and Director of the CBCI Centre to the Cathedral. 

Reparatory  Adoration was lead by Fr. Neil. The Holy Eucharist was con celebrated by 9 priests. Rev Fr Julius Caesar who is the Delhi Archdiocese Liturgical Commission Secretary gave the Message of Fatima and also did the Consecration of Delhi. Around 800 to 1000 people were present. The Veneration was done while the priests stood carrying the Statue. Finally the Statue was carried by all the Priests in Procession to the waiting jeep as a sign of Farewell to conclude the celebration. 5 photos below.

Jammu and Kashmir: Kathua 9th Oct 2017
They are racing to reach Jammu in time for the service that begins at 1.30 pm.  The swelling on George's leg is persisting. Pray for his healing too. He is joyfully taking it up for the sake of the kingdom. Reji also has a problem with ear balance but they are braving the odds and taking the cross.

The service in Jammu was organized in one of the Southernmost Parish of Jammu diocese owing to the often disturbing situations of Jammu. Representatives from 5 parishes which are far apart, gathered together at Kathua for the service. Almost 250 people including 20 sisters and 7 to 8 priests and Catechists were present. 

Most Rev. Ivan Pereira, the Bishop of Jammu-Srinagar celebrated the Holy Eucharist and gave the homily. He also did the Consecration of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Reparatory Adoration was conducted by Fr. Sandeep. The Message of Fatima was given by Santhosh. The Statue was received a few hundred meters away from the Church and brought in procession to the Church.

Please pray for the present team Fr. Sandeep, Santhosh JC, Reji Paul, George KP, John Joseph who is doing the major part of the driving. 2 photos below

Punjab State 1) MINOR SEMINARY, KISHANGARH 9th Oct 2017:

Before reaching the place where the services were to be held at Sultanpur Lodi in Jalandar diocese, there was a short stop at the Minor Seminary of Jalandar. The statue was received and taken to the chapel. 

The service which was for about 45 minutes included the message of Fatima followed by the veneration of the statue. Somewhere around 200 people including seminarians and neighbouring people attended. Some 96 brothers, eight priests, a few sisters and some local people joined. 2 photos below


At the Fatima Centre in Jalandar around 2,500 to 3,000 people gathered. This was in spite of a 10,000 strong gathering that was there previous day for a previously arranged celebrations. 

Most Rev Franco Mullackal, the Bishop of Jalandar celebrated the Holy Eucharist at 5.30 pm after the Rosary at 5.00 pm. The Reparatory Adoration was lead by Fr. Sandeep IMS and the Fatima Message was given by Santhosh. The Consecration of the State of Punjab was done in the presence of the Bishop by a priest of the local region chosen and delegated by the Bishop. 2 photos below.

The Parish priest received the statue and there was a Welcome Procession in the traditional dress of Himachal Pradesh. Almost 80 persons including 18 religious Nuns attended the service. Agape meals were provided for all who came. 

Some of the non Christian school children with their Principal Sr. Miranda came from the Carmel Sr. Sec. School Nahan, to Venerate the Mother and asked for special prayers. A comment from them was, “We will not be able to go to Portugal to see the Blessed Mother so when She comes here we should at least meet Her.”  They personally downloaded a song in honor of Our Lady of Fatima from the internet, learnt it and sang it for Her in the Church.

The Mass at Laverna Church was concelebrated by 6 priests, the main celebrant was Rev Fr. Anil Sequeira, Dean of the region. The homily was done by Rev Fr. Henry, the Adoration was led by Rev. Fr. Sandeep. The Fatima message was shared by Mr. Santhosh while the Consecration was done by Fr. Anil. Bishop of Simla Chandigarh had an important engagement, so could not attend, but extended full support and delegated his Dean. 5 photos below

The Statue of Mother Mary was brought in a Welcome Procession to St. Joseph’s Cathedral Kotdwar, of Bijnor Diocese. Around 250 people took part in the Reparatory Adoration led by Rev. Fr Sandeep for 45 minutes from 7.45 pm to 8.30 pm. This was followed by the Fatima message for 20 minutes followed by the Veneration. This was continued by an all night vigil until 5 in the morning. 

About 100 people including sisters, candidates, minor seminarians, catechists and priests participated in the vigil. As it is the Cathedral many priests had paid short visits to Venerate Our Mother. At dawn 5.00 am Most Rev. John Vadakel CMI, the Bishop of Bijnor who had arrived late the previous night from another engagement offered the Holy Eucharist in Hindi while the Provincial of the Bijnor Province of CMI congregation was a con celebrant. The Consecration of the state was done after the Mass. 2 photos below..


300 to 350 people were assembled for the service at St Joseph’s Cathedral, which began with a Procession. The Reparatory Adoration was led by Rev Fr. Sandeep IMS while the Fatima message was shared by Mr. Santhosh JC, 

The Consecration of the State was done by Most Rev Francis Kalist the Bishop of Meerut Diocese after the communion. Other than those gathered for the service some of the school children also came for the Veneration. This may even include non Christian children. Fr. Lawrence Rayappan, WAF National Ex Com coordinated.

Please pray for the protection of the families of those traveling. Some are going through struggles. One persons son is hospitalised. Other disturbances too are there.

This is a battle. It is getting heated. Some small casualties will be there but the ultimate victory belongs to Him.

Vehicle A/C has a problem. Delay already by 2 hours. 3 photos below


There were around 200 catholic leaders who had come from different parts of North India to participate in the Atmabhishek Sadana at Matridham (Abode of the Mother) Ashram in Varanasi. It was the annual Hindi Charismatic growth retreat at the Ashram. 

The Reparatory Adoration was integrated with the daily Adoration focusing some time on Reparation for the sins done against the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mother. After supper a short Message of Fatima was given by Rev. Dheeraj Sabu IMS and personal Consecration of those present was done. This was followed by the Veneration of the Statue. 2 photos below

BIHAR STATE: BUXAR 13th Oct 2017

There was a very small gathering of faithful of 25 people including 5 sisters present for the service. Bishop Sebastian Kallupura offered the Holy Eucharist and gave the homily in the Cathedral Church.  Rev. Fr. Dheeraj gave the Fatima Message while Santhosh led the Reparatory Adoration.

The roads are bad so they are slowed down. Yesterday they could travel only very slowly over certain stretches.

The daughter of Reji who is travelling and whose one son was hospitalised is now down with fever. We see a battle raging.

The vehicle needs to be covered specially in prayer so that they reach in time everywhere.
We are having a tough time organising things in NE. 3 photos below

ASSAM STATE 1) Bongaigaon: 14-15th Oct 2017
They reached Bongaigaon on the night of the 14th. On 15th after 6.00 am English Mass attended majorly by the religious, at around 7.30 am we prayed the Rosary. This was followed by the Reparatory Adoration led by Mr. Santhosh and the Fatima Message given by Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS. The Veneration of the Statue took place after this. 

As this was over, the second Mass started with Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS being the main Celebrant. The Fatima Message was once more shared during the homily.  Veneration of the Statue continued after Mass. The prayer Consecrating the state of Assam was led by Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS 3photos below.

ASSAM STATE: 2) Guwahati: 14 Oct 2017
They reached Guwahati 3.15pm. The Bishop and priests had tea while they had lunch.
The team reached the Cathedral at 5.00pm. The Church compound was filled with people. 36 Priests con-celebrated the Mass with the Guwahati Archnbishop. Around 200 Sisters and  the Seminarians of the Diocese were present. 

There was a Procession with band to welcome the Statue. As they reached the Cathedral, the Rosary was prayed followed by Adoration. Fatima message was given by Fr. Dheeraj. The Archbishop gave a very good homily on the miracles of Fatima. Even the Archbishop did not expect such a huge response. It took around one hour for veneration to be over for which his grace waited. Initially they had planned to prepare tea for just 300 people who would gather but then decided to make for 500. Finally they had to make for around 1500 people. 3 photos below

The Church which has a capacity for 2000 people was packed and overflowing. They estimate a crowd of around 2500 people. 

The Adoration and the Fatima Message was given by Santhosh. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by the Vicar General and he also did the Consecration. Bishop is out of station. 3 photos below.

MIZORAM STATE, Khanmun Parish 17th Oct 2017
The roads to Khanmun were very bad. For a very long distance they travelled through the highway that had no tarring. It was like travelling through paddy fields. If the vehicle was slowed to a halt they would get stuck in the soft mud. From 5.00pm people had been waiting for their arrival but they were two hours late in reaching. 

Even then 200 people waited back in the Church praying the Rosary. The Fatima Message was given by Santhosh in English and translated into the local language by the Parish Priest. The Parish priest lead the Reparatory Adoration and the Consecration prayer in the local language.

There is a special request from the team to pray for a dry weather.

If it rains travelling on these roads would be very difficult

The photograph is that of the road they travelled two years back when they went for an all India Jericho Journey1 photo below

TRIPURA STATE: Bagbasa Parish Church 18 Oct 2017

They had the service there at 6.30 am after having travelled for 1hr and 15 min from Kanhmun. 4 photos below

MANIPUR, Phaitol Parish, Jiribam 18 Oct 2017
The service at Mao in Manipur had to be relocated due to an unavoidable emergency. With only a two hours notice a program was organized at Phaitol near Jiribam. Just the previous day Phaitol had been declared as a Parish. About 80 children from the hostel and around 15 elders and the sisters of the convent were there to welcome the team and Mother Mary. They welcomed Mother Mary especially with a song. There was no Holy Eucharist. 

The Fatima Message was shared by Santhosh and it was translated into the local language by the Parish Priest Fr. George. This was followed by Reparatory Adoration for 15 minutes. Consecration prayer was led by Fr. George. The Archbishop of Manipur promised his prayers and blessings through an SMS.
They have finished the service and have to make a two hour journey over very bad ‘roads’ to reach their place of rest. 2 photos below

States covered so far
1.         Kerala
2.         Karnataka
3.         Goa
4.         Maharashtra
5.         Gujarat
6.         Madhya Pradesh
7.         Rajasthan
8.         Haryana
9.         Delhi
10.       Jammu
11.       Punjab
12.       Himachal
13.       Uttrakhand
14.       Uttar Pradesh
15.       Bihar
16.       Assam
17.       Meghalaya
18.       Mizoram
19.       Tripura
20.       Manipur

19 Oct 2017

An adventurous journey from Silchar to Diphu. The roads were very bad with big pits and muddy. The rains had created slush. There was just sufficient space for the vehicle to go in single file. Overtaking was not possible. A lorry that went before them slipped and went into a ditch. A JCV which runs on some kind of chain system came to pull/push it up. By the time the lorry was pulled up the road was in no way travelable.  

Then they had to create a way for the vehicle to go. While this was going on the chain of the JCV broke. Military people who were travelling behind got down and started working to clear the way and make a road. Our team members were also out on the road in the slush and mud to clear the way. They reached Diphu where they were to halt for the night at around 8.00pm. 

It is a Salesian junior college. The students and the two priests there had a very brief input on the Fatima message and veneration. There was no electricity in the area so mobiles could not be charged. Everybody in the team is encouraged, happy and moving ahead happily, including Fr. Thomas who is very elderly (I wouldn't mention the age)

20 Oct 2017 12:01 PM
There is an emergency: One of the team members wife has met with an accident. She was going for intercession to a centre nearby on a two wheeler when she was knocked off. She fell on her side. She has scraped away the skin on her face. The rib seems to be broken. She is not able to lift her hand. She is in hospital. This just happened in Kerala about an hour back. We need to get more details. A lot of prayers needed for protection and inner strength at present.

12:25 PM: Santhosh spoke to the wife. She is showing a lot of courage. There is a fracture to the rib and has been asked to rest. The shoulder is scraped and there is a lot of pain. She says she is fine and is only concerned that they finish the journey as planned. The price paid is great. May they be blessed. She was on her way to attend the Holy Eucharist and then to sit before the Blessed Sacrament for intercession from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm. She is BINDHU wife of Reji.

12: 50 PM: They are taking the brunt of the whole attack. He was suffering from problems with ear balance when leaving. His son was hospitalised with throat infection and resulting fever off 105 temp. Then the daughter came down with fever. Now the wife. Reji is into full time ministry and has sufficient financial struggles but it is the passion for the salvation of souls that keeps him going

Nagaland: 21 Oct 2017 

MANIPUR - ASSAM: Don Bosco Junior College, Manja, Diphu 19th – 20th Oct 2017

On the night of 19th when they reached Don Bosco Junior College, Manja, Diphu, the place they were to rest for the night 35 boys were present to receive the statue of Our Mother of Fatima. They got a very brief input on the Fatima message and had the veneration. The photos below are also of Diphu boys hostel and girls hostel. In the morning about 135 girls were present for the Fatima Message and veneration at Don Bosco Junior College, Manja Diphu. 4 photos below.


100 people including 8 fathers 12 sisters, 80 volunteers were there to receive the Blessed Mother. This is a place where people from different places come to listen to the Word of God and also a powerful intercession centre of the Vincentian Congregation. Fr. Yesudas the Assistant Director of the Centre welcomed Mother Mary and the team. There was no Eucharistic Celebration. The Fatima Message and the Reparatory Adoration was lead by Santhosh. The Veneration of the Ctatue followed. 

A big surprise that came about was that the Bishop of Dibrugarh, Most Rev Joseph Aind arrived at the Centre towards the end of the service without any prior notice and blessed the group. (The Bishop was not informed earlier as this was just a stopover on the way to Miao and we did not plan to have a big service here). He was overjoyed that he got a chance for the Veneration of the Statue. 70 people took a commitment to intercede daily by praying the Rosary for India. At the end a holy joy was seen on the faces. 4 photos below.


In the evening there was a service in one of the parishes of Miao diocese. There was a beautiful candle light Procession for about 2Km along a road decorated with flags reciting the Rosary. Almost 500 to 600 people were present for the service. Bishop George was also present for the evening service. As there was no sufficient space in the Parish Church the service was arranged in a nearby hospital. It was raining throughout day and the rain ceased only during the time of the procession. When they reached the hospital it started raining again in full swing. 

The Parish Priest had said earlier that there would be a miracle and this was the miracle. Then we had the Adoration, the Message of Fatima, Veneration a prayer of Blessing of Mother Mary. More than 12 Priests, 20 to 25 Sisters were present. The people have taken commitments to pray the Rosary daily for India.

On the way to Miao they stopped at Jagun Parish near Margherita for their breakfast. While they had breakfast some of them prayed the Rosary and had the Veneration. A short Message of Fatima was given there. At the end they all took a commitment to pray for India daily by praying the Rosary.

Around 250 people were gathered for the service at the Miao Cathedral. At 8.30 am the Procession started from the Bishops house towards the Cathedral Church of Miao Diocese with Bishop George Palliparambil and 7 to 8 Priests. After reaching the Cathedral we had the Adoration for about 35 to 40 minutes.  After that there was the Fatima Message shared by Santhosh for about 40 minutes. Mass and Homily was by Bp George based on Mission Sunday.

They have completed the North Eastern region and are on their way out. The North East was the toughest stretch with no proper roads. God has been very very Gracious and kept all of them safe through the Intercession of so many people under the leadership of our Blessed Mother!

Ave Maria! All praise and Glory to the Triune God!!!


Although the Tezpur Bishop, Most Rev. Michael Akasius Toppo had welcomed the team to his diocese he had said that he and many of the Priests of the Diocese would be away for a Retreat from the 22nd of October. In spite of them not being there all the necessary arrangements were made. 800 people were present for the service.

There was a Procession at the beginning after receiving the Statue carrying Her to the altar. The Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Robert Kerketta SDB offered the Holy Eucharist and gave the homily. The Reparatory Adoration and the Fatima message was given by Santhosh JC. The Consecration of the state of Assam to the Immaculate Heart was done by Rev. Fr. Xavier Lakra SJ. 10 priests were present for the service. A highlight was all night Adoration before Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Different groups of sisters and lay persons took turns to pray all night. 6 photos below.

Team with Tezpur Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Robert Kerketta SDB, Fr. Thomas the elderly priest,  Santhosh JC in dark blue shirt and Reiji extreme right.
SIKKIM STATE, Gangtok 25 Oct 2017

Most Rev. Stephen Lepcha, the bishop of Darjeeling who is in charge of Sikkim offered the Holy Eucharist and gave the homily. The Adoration and Fatima Message was given by Santhosh JC and also by Rev. Fr. Robert. Consecration was done by Fr. Stephen Gyan Rai who is the Dean of North East Sikkim. Around 350 people were present. The service was in Nepali and Hindi. The joy that the people experienced was very great.

West Bengal State: Raiganj Diocese: Chopra 25th Oct 2017
In Chopra Raiganj diocese people waited from 5 pm and prayed Holy Rosary, had Reparatory Adoration and Veneration of Relics of Sts. Jacinta and  Francisco with Messages.The Statue reached at 8 pm and people received it with lighted candles from NH and had Rosary Procession to Church. Message was delivered by Santhosh and Fr. Sunny led Consecration of members and Fr. Babla led the Consecration of the Diocese. Afterwards at 9.30 pm the Statue moved to the Vincentian Retreat Centre where about 1000 people waited with lighted candles.

There a new Shrine dedicated to OL of Fatima was blessed by Fr. Sunny and the Statue remained for night vigil till 5 am. In the morning of 26th the team had Mass offered by Fr. Sunny at 5 am and left for Raiganj. The team had breakfast in Raiganj Bishops House, visited the Cathedral and left for Krishnagar- Calcutta with their lunch packets.... Fr M V Sunny

West Bengal State: Krishnagar Diocese: Mother Teresa’s Dayadan home 26th Oct 2017
held solemnly from 3 pm to 5.30pm organised by Dayadan Community & Fatima Apostolate. Mr Rabin James WAF Diocesan coordinator did the arrangements.

West Bengal State: Calcutta Archdiocese: Archbishop’s house: 26th Oct 2017

West Bengal State: St Teresa of Calcutta (Mother) House: 26th Oct 2017 all night private Vigil

Mother Statue, (St Teresa of Calcutta) where Mother use to sit., and Sr. M. Prema, M. C. present Superior General

Fr Devraj Fernandes: WAF Calcutta co-ordinator
West Bengal State: Shishu Bhavan (Orphan Children Home) of St Teresa of Calcutta  27th Oct 2017

MC Sisters bidding farewell to Our Lady
St Teresa's Church where the WAF originated
West Bengal State: Fatima Shrine: Calcutta 27th Oct 2017

The Celebration went very very well. The Shrine was packed to full capacity. Not an inch of space was available. We had a lovely Welcome Ceremony with the girls dressed in sarees, red and white, blowing coonch shells, the nuns and lay men with lighted candles either side of the Church compound. All WAF Members were at the gate of the Church with Archbishop Thomas D’Souza and some priests to Welcome Our Blessed Mother at 430 pm. He himself carried Our Lady into the Shrine for Enthronement to the decorated Altar.

We started with a hymn then the Holy Rosary in Bengali and English consecutively each decade; followed by a hymn and offering up of roses. The Most Blessed Sacrament was exposed and the prayers were led by........Fr Dheeraj Sabu, IMS then gave the Fatima Message. There was the Bengali and English Choirs singing beautifully. It was a Concelebrated High Mass with 12 priests at the Altar

Before the final Blessing, Archbishop Consecrated Bengal to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Finally, immediately after the final Blessing, there was the kissing of the Relics of St.Jacinta and St . Francisco and Veneration of the Visiting Statue. everyone wanted to touch it or their Rosaries and other articles to it. It was all over by nearly 9.00 p.m.........attended. Fr Devraj Fernandes the Calcutta WAF coordinator and Mr James Lingam the Secretary with the members toiled maximum to ensure smooth celebration.

 Archbishop Thomas D'Souza carrying Our Lady into the Fatima Shrine

ORISSA, Cuttack Bhubaneshwar  28 Oct 2017

There was a big crowd at the Bhubaneshwar pro-Cathedral when the Statue arrived at 3pm. As the ArchBishop was out of station the Vicar General of the Archdiocese Rev Fr Prasana Kumar who is also the Parish Priest of the pro Cathedral was the main celebrant for the Holy Eucharist. 

The Reparatory Adoration was lead by Santhosh and the Fatima Message was shared by Rev. Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS. The Consecration of the State to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was done by Rev Fr Ratikant Ranjith, the Parish Priest of St. Antony’s Church, Cuttack. This was followed by the Veneration. There was a huge crowd of people flowing in and out for the Veneration. The count maybe around 4000 people. The service was over by about 8.00pm. 3 photos below.

JHARKHAND, Simdega Cathedral Church 29 Oct 2017
Around 2000 people were present for the service. The Bishop of Simdega received thePstatue and carried it to the front of the Church. From there was a Rosary procession. This was followed by a Reparatory Adoration led by Santhosh and the Fatima Message by Fr. Dheeraj. As the Bishop was recuperating after an eye surgery the cConsecration was done by the Parish Priest of the Cathedral. 3 photos below.

CHATTISGARH, Raipur Cathedral Church 30 Oct 2017

Bishop Henry Takkur offered the Mass con-celebrating with 15 priests. Fr. Dheeraj gave the Fatima Message and Santhosh led the Reparatory Adoration. Consecration of the State of Chattisgarh was done by Rev Fr Sebastian the Vicar General of Raipur. 

On reaching Raipur there was a motorcade procession by the youth with almost 20 two wheelers from the highway to the Cathedral for 3 KM. The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima was taken in an open jeep. There was a sound system in one of the vehicles and the Procession was with Hymns sung in honour of the Blessed Mother. Around 1300 people were present for the service. 5 photos below.

TELANGANA, Warangal Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral: 31 Oct 2017
Most Rev Udumala Bala concelebrated the Holy Eucharist with almost 50 priests. The Cathedral Parish Priest Rev Fr. Balashori, lead the prayer of Consecration which was printed and given to the people in local language. 

The Reparatory Adoration was lead by Rev Fr Subhash Nagipogo MSC, and the Fatima Message was given by Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS which was translated into the local language. To help the Veneration, barricades were built for a distance of about 200 metres.  Many Sisters were present for the service. The crowd was almost 3000 strong. 4 photos below

ANDHRA PRADESH, Vijayawada, Cathedral Church: 1 Nov 2017
Around 2500 to 3000 people were present for the service. Other than this maybe around 1000 people came for the Veneration of the Statue from 2.00pm until late at night. The Bishop of Vijayawada con celebrated the Holy Eucharist with about 32 priests. 

The Fatima Message was given by the Bishop during the homily in Telugu and also by Fr Dheeraj Sabu before the Mass in English. Adoration was led by Santhosh in English with some parts translated into Telugu. The Consecration prayer was led by the Bishop. 3 photos below.

TAMIL NADU, Chennai 2 Nov 2017

The service in Chennai was private and informal as there was a Statue that was already doing a pilgrimage in the Latin parishes. There was a Mass offered in the Church of Christ Matriculation at Poonamallee in Chennai. 1 photo below

TAMIL NADU, Salem 3 Nov 2017

Even though the Bishop of Salem had a previous commitment he rescheduled his program in order to offer the Holy Mass and Consecration at 6 am. The team reached there from Chennai the previous night. People started coming for the Veneration from the neighbouring Parishes from 5 am onwards. 

The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Bishop Singaroyan and he also did the Consecration of the State of Tamil Nadu to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Fatima message was given by Fr Dheeraj Sabu IMS. Around 1500 people came to Venerate the Statue. It was with much difficulty that we could take the Statue from the Church as many were waiting to Venerate the Statue. It was necessary to move in order to be on time at Coimbatore. 2 photos below.

TAMIL NADU, Coimbatore 3 Nov 2017

Rev. Fr Robin, the Parish Priest of Coimbatore Malankara Church led the Procession after a short liturgical service with another OIC priest for a 1 km distance reciting the Rosary. Around 90 people had come for the service. Fr Dheeraj gave the Fatima message in English which was translated into Tamil. The Reparatory Adoration was led in Tamil by Mr Johnson. Some people from other faith were also present. 2 photos below.

KERALA, concluding program at Sacred Heart Church, Thrissur 3 Nov 2017

Most Rev Joseph Karikkassery of Kottapuram presided over the Concluding Holy Mass and Consecrated our Country India to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Fr.Rocky Robin, the Parish Priest led the Procession to welcome Mother Mary. Fr Dheeraj gave the Fatima Message and Fr Neil, the assistant led the Reparatory Adoration. 

Rev Fr. Charuvilla of Bathery diocese and WAF National Ex Com member, along with four lay persons of his Diocese came to Trichur to join in the service. His Grace thanked Santvana community for taking such an initiative and congratulated the team members who had gone for the Pilgrimage. Around 400 people attended the celebration. 3 photos below


1)    The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima here is gifted by the Bishop of Fatima to the World Apostolate of Fatima India. Our Lady makes Her Visitation to your State: you are privileged that She comes to your Diocese / Parish, especially for those who cannot travel to Fatima.

2)    When one venerates images of Mary; the believer’s act is ultimately intended as a tribute to the person of the Mother of Jesus”. [1] One of the blasphemies and ingratitude against the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the five consecutive Saturdays offered in reparation for five different offenses, is those who insult Her directly in Her sacred statues. It was the Sacred Heart of Infant Jesus who requested this special reparation to the Heart of His Mother at Pontevedra, Spain, from May 29th and 30th, 1930.

3)    4 volunteers have to keep a constant watch on those coming to Venerate, as some fall on Her and can cause damage. In turns, one volunteer grips the Statue with both hands, so to avoid falling during Veneration.

4)    Singing of Hymns like Ave Maria, etc, Holy Rosary, even just Hail Mary OR silence, for short distance helps to maintain sanctity.

5)    Please do not change the common traditional prayers like Hail Mary, Our Father, Divine Mercy, etc.

6)    More lines for Veneration to be made if crowd is massive, all are welcome, since Our Lady is the Mother of all.

7)    Presentation on the Fatima Message is ideal before Holy Mass, then homily will be appropriate. The one here is 10 - 15 mins.

8)    Avoid too many photos which distract, especially if crowd is more.

9)    Discipline in timing is important.

10)    Team members (usually 5 male including one Priest) travelling need simple veg food, accommodation, seating space, etc. They are on the road for 6 to 14 hours daily covering all the States in 35 days.

11)    Intercessory prayers like many Holy Rosaries, Adorations, especially Holy Mass are needed for this to bear much fruit and to keep the evil away. This must start as soon as your schedule is fixed and continue till 4th Nov when this ends. Your members must be reminded about this. and must receive the Sacraments frequently, especially Confession. We must bear in Christ like spirit with one another's; weaknesses.

12)    Proper accounting to be finalised in few days and cleared with local authority / Priest. Money box must be strictly monitored at all times with special look out for distractors and thieves, ideally in two layers.

13)    Proper follow up in Parish, Community, etc after the Visitation is to be done on Our Lady of Fatima's pleas: Communion of Reparation of the First Saturdays, Daily / Special Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, frequent Reparatory Adorations, Rosary Processions when possible, etc. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FORMING A SIMPLE APOSTOLATE AND ALSO FOR MATERIALS. This Message is an Urgent call to Holiness for Peace in the World and for Salvation of all in Christ! 

Notes: [1] Lumen Gentium No. 67; Redemptoris Mater No. 33 DS 600

The World Apostolate of Fatima, an International Association of the faithful of Pontifical Right permanently approved by the Holy See, under Bishop Peter Machado, our Indian Ecclesiastical Advisor, Indian National Ex Com are collaborating for the Fatima Centenary India Pilgrimage, at short notice with Santvana community, whose Patron is Archbishop Anil Couto, Archbishop of Delhi. This community is canonically erected in Delhi Archdiocese, member community of the Fraternity of ‘The Catholic Covenant Communities and fellowships’ in Rome under the Pontifical Council for Laity.

CELEBRATION DETAILS (where possible)

1. Receiving the Statue and Procession to the decorated Altar for Enthronement
2. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Reparatory Adoration (15 to 20 minutes)
3. Message of Fatima (10 to 15 minutes)
4. Holy Eucharist and homily
5. Consecration of the State preferably after the communion service 
6. Veneration of the Statue during which the Rosary could be prayed
7. Concluding Farewell and Procession (faithful can use white scarves, waving out, as in Fatima) back to the vehicle. (It would be appreciated if the Parish Priest or main Celebrant could be there for this Procession)

N.B.: If short time, some item may be skipped.

National Ecclesiastical Adviser: Bishop Peter Machado of Belgaum (by CCBI)

Chairman: Fr M V Sunny Raiganj  M: 9474441068
Vice Chairman: Dr Celcio Dias Goa M: 9822981418         
Secretary: Mr. Anthony R V Viegas Goa
Treasurer: Fr Alphy D’Silva Karwar                       
Members : Fr Lawrence Rayappan Meerut   
Fr Francis D'Souza Mangalore                         

Fr John Charuvilla Bathery  
Mr. James Lingam Calcutta   
Mrs Carmelina Vaz Bombay