Bombay 29 may 2016

Marian Mini Congress at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Kirol Vidyavihar, Bombay India on Sunday 29th May 2016

The Mini Congress was held at Our Lady of Fatima School hall. It began with Rosary at 2 pm at led by Sr Jacinta Zabeth. This was followed by Fatima Reparatory Adoration exposed by Fr Philip Gonsalves, OFM Cap, Parish Priest. Fr Callistus Fernandes, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Fatima Shrine Karjat, WAF coordinator for Bombay Archdiocese and main organizer for the day and Mrs Carmel Vaz,  WAF Bombay and National Ex Bd Member conducted the prayers. Fr Santosh Salve, msfs, WAF coordinator for Pune Diocese reposed Jesus.

Auxiliary Bishop Domnic Savio Fernandes of Bombay was the main celebrant at Mass with 5 concelebrants. In his homily, he mentioned about unity among Priests and even lay groups. Many even theologians say that too much devotion to Mary is not good, but devotion to Mary always glorifies God. We must carry Jesus in our hearts like Mary. We must make Jesus visible to people around. Where ever Mary is there, Holy Spirit is active. Fr Callistus blended well the local language Marathi. The choir was very lively throughout.

After the tea break, the flower bouquets were offered. Then, Fr Callistus briefly spoke on today’s importance of the Fatima message. Dr Celcio Dias, WAF National Vice Chairman  and International Secretary then made a power point presentation of the Fatima narratives, Forgotten Message: First Saturdays and Consecration. He mentioned about celebrating the Divine Mercy Feast on any ordinary Sunday if not done on the usual day, for the Spiritual treasures of Grace and Indulgences to flow. The Centenary is to be celebrated by beginning now the First Saturdays, public meditation of Rosary, Reparatory Adoration, processions as possible, etc. He challenged Bombay WAF to take over the WAF National Center later.

Bishop Domnic Savio who was present throughout, then emotionally testified to the power of effectively praying the Rosary with full concentration and how court cases just collapsed.  He explained about his Bishop’s motto. Mrs Carmel then thanked everyone for the successful and fruitful Program. About 350 attended with many nuns. The WAF Bookstore was manned by Julius, Secretary of the National Center. A short interaction followed with about 20 members and their contact details were taken.                                                 

Spiritual fruits:
1.    Strengthening of the Archdiocesan Unit under Fr Callistus Fernandes with focus on the pleas of Our Lady of Fatima: Five First Saturdays, Consecration, Reparatory Adorations, etc.
2.    “FIRST” Communion of Reparation of First Saturdays started at Fatima Shrine Karjat on 4th June at 1030 am and WILL CONTINUE, besides the traditional 13th of every month. 35 attended. (“Arree karke dhekho”, translation: “Just Do and Show”). Free lunch provided was very tasty.

3.    Spreading out to other 4 Parishes dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima and even other Parishes, communities, etc. in the Archdiocese.

Fr Callistus, Fr Philip, Mrs Carmel, Mr Victor and so many silent workers of Legion of Mary excelled as hosts. 

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