MOVIE: Fatima the Ultimate Mystery

On this centennial year of Our Lady’s Apparition, there are many projects to disseminate the story and message of Fatima, through documentaries, movies, books, etc.

We come to share with you one of these projects, a newly released documentary film "Fatima the Ultimate Mystery", by Goya Producciones, in Spain.

Quoting from their presentation, “This film has a unique approach. It shows the message of Fatima not as belonging to the past, but rather as an ongoing divine intervention that  has changed  our recent history, and will still influence the World’s future”.

In addition to this there have been a number of private shows of the film in parishes, catholic universities, associations and various groups. 

To see the trailer, the names of experts featured, and other details:

You can see the full film (80 min.) in vimeo here:
Link to watch it in English
Fátima the Ultimate Mystery - TC
Password: FatimaGoyaTV

To see the film with subtitles in other languages, you need, after opening the vimeo link, to click on *CC*, below the screen, on the left side of *HD*.

Theses versions contain subtitles in Portuguese, French and Italian. Subtitles in Polish, Czech, German and other languages may be obtained separately.

If you are interested to order the DVD or to help disseminate it in your country, as well as to receive more information from the producers about the conditions, please contact them through this e-mail: or to